Eunhyung Chung 

  Korean Performer & Sculptor

Eunhyung Chung is a performer and sculptor who was born in Seoul, Korea. She is interested in fragile or impermanent things that break easily and do not last long. Currently the biggest theme that she explores is the sense of loss: the loss of precious memories, the loss of direction, and the loss of biodiversity. Most of her works take the form of performative sculpture or sculptural performance which keep changes by the time. She completed a BFA in sculpture from Seoul National University and graduated with her MFA in Sculpture and MA in Art Education in Rhode Island School of Design. Eunhyung has worked as an art educator in various institutions and has exhibited in Korea, Poland, Thailand and the US.



                                                                       Again, at the Yangjae river ︎                                                                          

     21.07.03: Rosette #1 ︎


Floating Rocks︎                                                                   The Transition ︎ 


                Translucent Identity ︎                                                   Swimming in the Deep Sky︎                                     



                                         Last Breath ︎                                                         The sound of the loneliness ︎


                                          One who cannot live in the present (Stability) ︎                               Creatures which cannot live in the present ︎      


                                              One who cannot live in the present (Heavy Head)︎                                      One who cannot live in the present (In the dark)︎


          They Normative Landscape 3 ︎                                                                                       They let me live this way︎                         


   Invisible Chain ︎                                                                                               Free from the norms ︎


                            Colorful Cruelty ︎                                                                                     What we want for Truth ︎                       


     Virtual Reality Performance (unfinished project) ︎                                                                    1 ︎              

Grandma’s haunting voices 

Bowling                                                                                    Re-turn